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Inner Healing Yoga

A Program by Karen O'Donnell Clarke

Now being offered at Inner Peace CT!

Inner Healing Therapeutic Yoga with Karen O'Donnell Clarke: Image

Yoga therapy offers tools and supports that can help you create the conditions in your body so that deep inner healing can happen.  Inner healing – it’s an inside job.  You make the commitment and take the steps necessary to live the life that makes you feel healthy, happy, and whole.  As your Yoga Therapist,

I am a partner in your journey toward health and happiness.  

Inner Healing Yoga Therapy offers a variety of tools for whole person wellness and personal transformation.   

Inner Healing Therapeutic Yoga with Karen O'Donnell Clarke: Text

Karen O'Donnell Clarke


Karen was first drawn to yoga at the young age of 13 – through the only yoga book at the library! She was interested in the philosophy of yoga and the idea of a deep interconnection with nature and all beings. When she discovered a yoga class in the area, she attended twice a week for several years. She loved the feeling of wholeness she felt in class. During her years as a distance runner, and two pregnancies, yoga provided support for her body and mind. Yoga offers tools for skillful living and feeling well.  After her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1997 and cancer in 2012, her many years of yoga practice gave her tools for getting through the tough times into a place of joyful living.  

Karen believes yoga heals us, individually and as a community. Her deep need to help others live better and happier lives has led her to teach community yoga and private lessons since 1996. She received her first certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

She has personally experienced the healing power of yoga by living nearly symptom free of multiple sclerosis for over 15 years. She found that yoga relieves her symptoms and gives her tools to better manage her stress. Karen is a perpetual student of yoga and loves sharing that journey with others.

Inner Healing Therapeutic Yoga with Karen O'Donnell Clarke: About Me
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