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Telehealth Therapy

To all of our clients:

The telehealth therapy option began on Monday 3/16/20 and is open to anyone who feels they would rather explore meeting with their counselor via video sessions instead of physically coming to our office.

We are using, an extremely user friendly and HIPAA compliant Skype-Type video chat service. This works on any phone or computer with access to internet and an operating camera, and no previous registration is required. All we will need from you is a working email address, or a number to text the specific link.

How it works : We text or email you the link ahead of time, and a few minutes before your appointment you will simply follow that link!

Click the link, enter your name, and click the prompt to enable your camera (this will make sure your camera and microphone are working properly!) Once it's time for your appointment, your counselor will be available to your right on your phone or computer via secure HIPAA compliant video chat! :) Your insurance liability will remain the same as if you were to come to the office.

Please email me at with ANY questions about this platform, or would like to request a consent form to switch over to telehealth therapy. 

Telehealth: FAQ
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